Wednesday October 26 , 2016
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EPABX Systems


Private branch exchange (PBX) is a telephone exchange that serves a particular corporate or office, as opposed to one that a usual carrier or telephone company operates for more businesses or for the common people.

Contrary to a common belief that these PBX systems are expensive, we can show you that you can get enhanced communication for your business or for your smart home at very low prices. PBXs are also referred to as:

  • PABX - private automatic branch exchange
  • EPABX - electronic private automatic branch exchange

See below some of the applications for our PBX Phone Systems:

  • Very small offices
  • home offices and smart homes
  • Small and growing offices and larger home based businesses
  • Multi-branch offices and businesses that need VoIP capabilities


We provide PABX telephone system equipments installation and servicing for homes, buildings, offices and corporate companies all over in Doha and Qatar.

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